House Rules

Getting Started

  1. You will be a member immediately upon joining. There is no trial period.
  2. I cannot stress enough how much this helps everyone here, so I’m going to be bold about it. Please pass on your PSN, time zone, and which games you play to a Monkey Captain, Mod Monkey, or Boss Monkey. You can mass-tag all of the aforementioned roles using @Staff. We will ensure your details are added to the proper lists.
  3. Use #monkey_roles to activate game channels and gender-specific channels. Instructions are available in the pinned post at the top of the channel.


  1. Don’t be a dick.
  2. Seriously. Don’t be a dick. It’s alright to be competitive but toxic behavior will not be tolerated. For the hard of thinking, toxic behaviour includes, but is not limited to:
    • Shoving your own opinion down other people’s throats. Seriously, your opinion is the least fun thing to ram down someone’s throat and also the least welcome!
    • Taking personal jabs at people will never be tolerated. If you have a problem with another member, please send a message to one of the staff and we’ll take care of it.
    • Deliberately saying hurtful things. I mean, why would you do that anyway? I heard Yo’ Mama did that and now she’s dead of dicks to the face!
    • Insulting other members. If you must insult a member, we need you to photograph you doing the insult in mime form, send that picture to staff and then we’ll discuss if the insult is warranted. Hopefully, by that time, you’ll have cooled down and we won’t have to show your junk to Santa in our annual naughty list.
  3. Our clan is very laid back. We are very accepting and tolerant, but players you’re partied with have the right to ask you to leave if your behavior is negatively affecting them. They will notify a Monkey Captain, Mod Monkey, or Boss Monkey who will contact you to get your side of the story. Warnings (or further action) may be issued at the discretion of the staff member involved.
  4. If you cannot help being a dick, we have a “three strikes and you’re out” moderating system. This means you will get one preliminary warning (PW) and two official warnings (OW), also receiving a temporary ban alongside the second OW, before you are kicked from the server. We are a very tolerant group, but you should know that both PWs and OWs may vary on how hard you suck. You may be insta-kicked or banned for especially egregious behavior.
  5. When using tags in the server, remember that @everyone will notify every user on the server even if they are offline. Which is a great benefit if aliens attack or a gigantic Kaiju awakes, but will just annoy people who aren’t in that channel otherwise, never use it unless it’s some end of the world, tell my kids I love them, I left the oven on kind of stuff. Please either tag specific members or use the @here tag to contact many people at once, especially in the specific channel you need
  6. Please post your LFG (Looking for Group) requests in the appropriate game channel and not in #monkey_bar. Do not spam LFG requests. People have lives, you dig?
  7. If we don’t have the channel you want on the server, it happens, not everyone is as into vampire donkey anime as you are, but if you can submit a Google Form with at least 15 signatures including the Discord name for each signee, then we’ll give it due consideration. This is the only way extra channels will even be discussed.
  8. Be mindful that most of our members are adults who play games to relax or unwind. Please keep your voice and microphone volume at a reasonable level when possible. If you must raid\do comp in the middle of a party, mute yourself. No-one wants to be ‘That Guy’.

Social Media

We are a relatively new group that wants to get to know each other. We want to show everyone what you like and why. To that end, we have several Social Media outlets for our members. We really want to feel like a family and we’d like to hang your work on our fridge.

  1. We have a YouTube channel called “RagingMonkeysPlays” where you can upload your gameplay.
  2. We also have a Facebook page called “Raging Monkeys Gaming” for connecting and sharing things with people outside of the clan. This is also where we report on the news of the day. This is also a place for potential recruits to get to know us before joining.
  3. We have a WordPress, where we ask members to submit their writing. Hate the new nerf or love the new buff? Tell us about it and we’ll help you tell everyone why you’re right and they suck. Or agree. Something, anyway. That’s just the way opinion is, I’m afraid.
Last Updated: May 16 2017