Boston Uprising, owned by the Kraft group who are more commonly associated with the New England Patriots (handegg), have donned the Blue, Black and Yellow for the upcoming Overwatch League. They are one of the six teams in the Atlantic division; alongside Florida, Houston, London, New York and Philadelphia. Noticeably, their team is built from multiple other teams, from CONBOX to Singularity all the way to 123.

The name Uprising, according to their official press release, was chosen to ‘represent the resilience of the region’s revolutionary forefathers.’ Let’s hope the Blizzard arena doesn’t have a tea room…

Tanking for Uprising, we have Gamsu, Kalios and NotE.
Gamsu is likely to be their star in this regard. He’s the only main tank in the squad; excelling in both Reinhardt and Winston. He is also one of the more renowned players in the team, being a constant pick that led CONBOX to grabbing 7th in APEX season 3.

Both Kalios and NotE excel in D.Va and Zarya, cementing them into the off-tank spot. Out of the two, Kalios seems the stronger pick, having played with Afreeca Freecs in APEX season 4 and looking generally promising, even if the team itself didn’t make it past the group stages. NotE played for Toronto Esports, which is an amateur team operating out of, you guessed it, Canada.

Uprising have a decent roster of support players; Avast, Kellex, Neko and Snow.
Both Avast and Kellex specialise in Lucio, with Neko being a fairly fluent flex support; playing Ana, Mercy and Zenyatta. Snow also comes from Toronto Esports, primarily focusing on Ana and Mercy.

The two most noticeable supports are the Lucio players, Avast and Kellex. Out of the two, Kellex is likely to swing the spot, having played for Singularity during Contenders and Denmark during the World Cup. Although, sadly he didn’t make it out of the group stages in either. Avast played for Luminosity Gaming Evil; a Sister group of Luminosity and hasn’t been seen since Contenders: Season Zero where they placed 7th.

Neko played for CN Foxes, who looked quite strong during APEX, coming 4th after losing out to Kongdoo Panthera (now London Spitfire) who went on to dominate the competition. He’s the most prominent Mercy and Zenyatta on the team, both of which are a very popular picks in the current meta.

In the DPS slots, Uprising have DreamKazper, Mistakes and Striker.
Without a doubt, Mistakes takes the limelight in this Roster. Playing Tracer for both 123 and Russia, coming 2nd in Contenders: Season Zero for 123 and unfortunately not making it past the group stage playoffs in the World Cup after losing to both Canada and South Korea (Who came 2nd and 1st respectively.)

His Tracer play is a delight to watch. He may not be at the same level as Effect, Soon or Sinatraa but he certainly isn’t far behind. Definitely one to keep an eye on.

DreamKazper comes from Tempo Storm, specialising in both McCree and Genji. He was the star player in TS so don’t be too surprised to see him feature next to Mistakes often, although Striker was a very prominent hitscan for ROX Orca so might win over for the Soldier 76 pick.

The biggest challenge for Boston Uprising lays in their lack of flexible supports. With only Neko being prominent in both Mercy and Zenyatta, the team is likely to have him on the Mercy, backed up with Kellex on the Lucio. A smart move might be for Kellex to learn Mercy; enabling the Mercy/Zen combo we saw so prominent in the World Cup and still allowing them to drop to the dive Lucio/Zen if things aren’t quite going their way. They could even spice it up with a Lucio/Mercy pick if they’re feeling greedy and want both the speed and the resurrect.

Another noticeable challenge lies in their DPS. Mistakes is a must pick on the Tracer but do they opt to go with Striker for the S76 versatility or with DreamKazper for the Genji. DreamKazper is also a very proficient McCree, which might make him the smart choice should they need a ranged hitscan.

Boston Uprising’s first match will be against New York Excelsior during the pre-season exhibitions on the 8th of December. First season match is on January 12th, also against Excelsior.



Predicted Main Squad

Gamsu – Tank
Kalios – Tank
Kellex – Support
Neko – Support
Mistakes – DPS
DreamKazper – DPS

Key Players

Gamsu – Tank
Mistakes – DPS

Social Media

Boston Uprising YouTube
Boston Uprising Twitter
Boston Uprising Facebook
Boston Uprising Instagram


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