So I’m sure you’ve all heard why EA are the cancer of gaming, and I’m here to do that again. If you would like to argue in EA’s favour, I love an argument, so if you PM me on Discord I’ll be sure to get back to you ASAP.

So, recently EA have come under fire (475996 bullets of fire at the time of writing, to be exact) for putting an essential paywall between you and DARTH MOTHERFUCKING VADER in Star Wars Battlefront 2. Darth Vader was a big part of all 7 Star Wars movies so far, so you’d think you could play as him in the game almost straight away, right? Wrong. EA decided you could either play approximately 40 HOURS on BASE LEVEL EQUIPMENT to save up the credits to buy, arguably, the most influential character in all of Star Wars, or pay over $100 USD to get him, as Chris Pereira of GameSpot wrote about. Why did they do this? Well according to EA, it’s not about money, it’s about making you feel a sense of pride when you gain the ability to play him (to which Reddit called bullshit, making it the most downvoted comment in the sites history). One issue with that statement being that, after that sense of pride (assuming you were one of the few people that grinded) you realize that Luke is another 40 hours away. Meanwhile, little Jimmy used his parents credit card and bought everything, including invulnerability when using a jet pack as Boba Fett (yes, that’s a thing).

To EA’s credit, they have since decreased the amount of credits required for heroes by 75%, but I still feel as though you are being cheated by not having a key character available instantly (after you get enough battle points to use on them when in a game). I would understand if it were Boba Fett, who, while he is a beloved character, wasn’t a key one. But we are talking about Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker here. That along with the fact the game is still using a heavy pay to win model means that this is still an issue

You’d think that’d be it, but EA have also done a couple other shitty things recently. One of which is the acquisition of Respawn, the developers of Titanfall, a few days ago. Why is this a bad thing? Well I’m glad you asked. EA are a money hungry business. They proved that when they put a bullet in the back of the head of the Dead Space franchise because it didn’t get as many sales as they’d like, due to it being a horror game. I’m afraid of the same thing happening to Titanfall.

Now, I must admit, I’m late to the Titanfall party. I never played the first because it was an Xbox exclusive, and I only just played Titanfall 2, but it was the most enjoyable shooter experience I’ve had on my own ever. The campaign was a masterpiece of innovation and perfect timing of that innovation. They ripped every fun feature from you right before it got boring and I loved it. So where am I going with this? As we established, EA only cares about money. If Respawn try to spend time on something they can’t monetize, EA will stop them. This means that, if we get a campaign at all, it’ll be a shit one that’s thrown in last minute. Sound familiar? It’s what COD have done for years. Couple that with the rushed schedule that EA will likely enforce, and you are looking at Titanfall ending up like EA’s Call Of Duty, except, based on Titanfall 2 and EA’s history with things like this, with less sales. That means Titanfall won’t be profitable, and, again, EA likes money, and they won’t want a rival out in the world, so it makes sense, from a business standpoint, that they don’t just let them go, but kill them off. Just like they did to Pandemic, Origin Systems, Bullfrog, Westwood, Mythic, Maxis, and many others. Which brings us to the next installment in this series of cluster fucks…

In case you didn’t hear, EA shut down Visceral last week. Visceral were made famous after they developed the Dead Space franchise, which EA put six feet under in an attempt to make it accessible. So how did they make up for ruining Visceral’s most beloved franchise? By putting them on the new Star Wars single player game and then shutting them down when they decided it wasn’t profitable enough, and did a complete 180 on the whole game. The gaming industry lost a company with great talent and even greater potential due to EA EAting them up, spitting them out, and stomping on the corpse.

EA have been testing the boundaries of what we will accept as consumers for a while now. We need to show them what we think about all this, and we know they won’t listen to feedback after that “armchair developer” comment from the community manager. We need to speak with our wallets. I know I’m not buying an EA game until this shit ends. How far will you go?



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