Greetings Monkeys! Your Supreme Leader has taken to the RM blog and is here with her first article. Hope you like it. Disclaimer: NONE of the events I describe here have anything to do with anyone in RM.


I am a female gamer and I have something to say: Ladies we are already a minority in the gaming scene can we please be nice to each other? It’s already bad enough with the guys reducing us to sexual objects.


As a female gamer, I play a lot of online multiplayer games. I am one of the lucky few to have found guys and gals who are friendly enough to play with me without me feeling threatened or unsafe.

Toxic 1

Couple months ago, I was playing a game of League of Legends with my boys and we were up against a team with all guys and one girl too. At a certain point in the game, we were losing and their girl just got a triple kill on us, to which the guys said to us via game chat “you’re getting your asses handed to you by a girl” a few moments later, we responded with a pentakill made by yours truly playing support. My boys then responded with “looks like our gal is better than yours”. I know what you’re thinking readers, “it’s not too bad” right? well wrong. Their girl then responded with “only reason she got that is because she’s fat, ugly and no one wants to fuck her”. Really girl? if a guy makes a pentakill on either team we all rejoice or give kudos, but if a girl does that she’s fat and ugly? How messed up is that?


After this experience I started looking out for female toxicity towards other females in games. I mainly monitored Overwatch as it is one of my main games and I’m shocked at the amount of toxicity towards women by women. Overwatch has a big community and compared to other games, their portion of female gamers are relatively higher so coming across a female gamer isn’t too hard in the game. So here I go playing Overwatch comp games in Gold, Plat, Diamond and Masters games to cover the rank excuses. Here are my findings:


When I have another female in my team, I am the friendly retard that greets them only to be greeted by “oh, hi” like I can just hear the disappointment in their voice that there is another girl playing with them. to be fair, this happens 90% of the time with girls who are in a group. then, for the rest of the game, the girl would just tell me how much of a shit player I am and that I can’t heal for shit. To those who have played with me, we all know that I give heals for days And if I get a good rez/soundbarrier off I’m either lucky or I’m a fat ugly pig no one wants to fuck so I play games. Let me remind you… this comes from a fellow woman.

toxic 2

Once, I played with a three stack, two guys and a girl. we won, I clutched the game many times and the guys asked me to join their group. The girl threw a fit and was a bitch to me for the two games I played with them. We lost both games because according to the girl I was shit, and pulling them down. but in reality I got about 10 messages from her telling me I was fat, ugly, a shit player, I should go suck dicks instead of play etc. It was such a massive flow of abuse I was baffled. I got reported that game, because I told the girl to spend less time harassing me and actually play the game, maybe we’d win then.


So I took to the forums. there is a stigma around girl gamers called “Internalized sexism” aka highlander syndrome aka “THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE GIRL PLAYING WITH GUYS AND THAT’S ME” I’m not kidding, it’s a thing. There are many girls posting about the abuse they get from other girls, and a lot of the abuse they get are even worse than from guys. From guys, we just either get “I’ll fuck you/your….”/“go suck/fuck…..” or “go kill yourself”. But girls feel the need to take it to a personal level. Things like “You’re fat and ugly” “Bet your boyfriend is cheating on you” “you only got there because you sucked dick and got carried” or my personal favourite; getting sent dick pics from a girl!!! Yes you read that right… I have received dick pics from a girl. Funny thing is… most of these messages came from girls in MY team. It doesn’t matter if we are winning or losing.


Another thing I noticed is “Token girl” syndrome. Apparently us women want to be the sexy gamer girl all guys want to play with. Many girls out there play games but only because they get attention. Of course they want to do well, but they don’t really care who they’re playing with, as long as they are good players and have a dick. There are many cases of women on the interwebz who offer nudes for carries, but not if the carry is another girl. They want to be in the center of attention and no way in hell are they gonna share it with another female.

toxic 3

In my case, I’ve had to carry games with other girls, but because I wasn’t playing support but a DPS or Tank because we weren’t getting the damage and kills, I was throwing the game on purpose. It doesn’t matter I held the point, it doesn’t matter I got POTG, it doesn’t matter we won. It only matters that I’m a girl and I played with another girl and therefore I was throwing.


So ladies, can we please just stop worrying about who has a vagina and stop fighting among ourselves? We already have so much toxicity in games due to our gender, why are we adding more to it ourselves? Shouldn’t we be banding together and taking a stand instead of abusing each other?


I’m glad I have my Raging Monkeys, you guys are great and I’m really lucky to be able to play with  the ladies in RM without all that bullshit. Here’s to many more female monkeys joining us!





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