The original Destiny may be just a memory now in the shadow of Destiny 2, but it was also filled with wonderful memories and friendships. Today we’re looking back at what made our first adventure under the light of the Traveler so special. Enjoy! ~ShiinaBat


I started Destiny day one, but back then I didn’t know how much I will get to love this game and all the friendships I will make through this game. However I have to say, that I didn’t play House of Wolves or the Dark Below, because I listened to the reviews and just didn’t buy the DLCs. But now I feel like I missed out on some really cool experiences and I will not make this mistake going into Destiny 2. Destiny is a great game to play and make new friends. I’m looking forward to the new adventures. Show time, A-holes!


My favourite moment in destiny was the cutscene at the end of the Khovstov exotic quest. The part where you take in the view with your ghost. The whole scene was sentimental fan service, but I think we deserved a bit of that after the debacle of most of it’s lifetime. Manly tears were shed.



I think my favourite memory was the first time I went to the Tower. This was because I originally started Destiny with hardly any friends to play with and so raiding seemed an impossibility at the time. Later on I did discover LFG and subreddits to raid, but I remember talking to Zavala and doing the little intro quest where you visit Banshee for your first proper gun. I was about to leave but these three players started following me, dancing, waving… Clearly trying to get my attention and so I waved back, danced and eventually I was sent friend requests by all three and a party invite. I accepted all of them and joined their party, upon doing so we had a casual conversation, and then they asked how long I had been playing in which I’ve been playing since June. They joined me in finishing the story, played some PvP (which was the first time for me) and lastly they took me on my first raid and from that day forth I was in love with this game and I can’t wait to make more friends and memories in Destiny 2 and maybe once D2 comes to its third year I’ll return the favour to another Guardian who could be new and lost.


My favourite Destiny memory would be when I first completed a raid. Everyone’s done them, but I started late into Destiny so didn’t want to be a burden. I’d heard you could solo Crota’s End so I wanted to try it out. I failed over and over again, Ir Yut was a particular PITA but eventually, I got to the boss. I couldn’t do enough damage and almost gave up, but each attempt his health was getting lower and lower and it clicked. The last time, I fired my two rockets after waiting for ages for my heavy synth to recharge, I threw a grenade, I picked up that sword and smashed his face in. For my troubles I got a crappy gun and a nice shader. I still have the crappy gun as a memory of my achievement, and now I’m finally ready and willing to jump into raids in Destiny 2!


My first Vault of Glass run is the most memorable one, nowadays everyone rushes and leaves teams whenever things get rowdy. Back then we fought and struggled at every encounter as we went in blind. Shoddy gear, like who in the right mind brings in a Thorn into VOG? Well the guys that thought Gjallarhorn was a waste of coins.


After roughly eight hours we reached the jumping puzzle. This was a critical point as we had a special snowflake that kept dying and was about to leave. He did it in his final attempt and we continued. Three hours later we were at Atheism, struggling and wiping both as a team, and our own tears of frustration and joy. About one hour after that, at 4am we realized we sucked. And we gave up.

The end.

Not really. We returned the day after and cleared him in two tries. We were so salty at the time but ever since we took it as a challenge to do everything blindly as a team in Destiny. This has become the reason why I stuck around since beta and accumulated over 2500 hours in the game.


I’m primarily a PC gamer, but after many recommendations from friends, I forked out the cash to buy a Destiny PS4 Bundle. I might add at this point that the Destiny-themed PS4 is pretty darn good looking. Anyway, I was a little late to get into Destiny, and wasn’t particularly keen on getting into raiding for the most part and so the first raid I actually tried was King’s Fall shortly after it was released.

Up until this point, I had enjoyed Destiny, but wasn’t totally sold on it. I was semi sherpa’d, semi working through it with a group of friends. It was a TOTAL BLAST. My favourite moments were being trolled into suicide more than once. “Ok, when this door opens, you’ll see a massive floating orb up in front of you. We’ve got to rush through and touch it as soon as we can…. Go!” So off I go, oblivious to the fact that I’m the only one racing towards the Warpriest orb… when I just straight up die. WTF? The peals of laughter that came through the headphones were a real moment of bonding.

The other one was following the little spark of light coming up to the dick-shaped pistons. Gah. I can’t believe I fell for it. “Stand here, right where the light is” “Ok… then what?” Phwump! As I flew across the room to my doom, again my ears were filled with boundless laughter. Ahh, that was the moment I realized Destiny really was more than just another console fps. Man, I’m looking forward to this next chapter in the world of Destiny.


As some of you know, Wrath of the Machine is my favorite raid. This is why.

Wrath had just come out and I definitely wasn’t ready yet. I was picked up by a friend’s group because they needed a body, even an under-light body, and I was online. This was my first real raid experience. The first time I’d done a raid near launch, so basically blind. I was so nervous, haha. I was worried I’d drag them down. But I didn’t really and when we finally beat Aksis… that was the best feeling in the world. I was hooked. Raiding was my new favorite thing.


They ended up becoming my regular raid group and they taught me so much about the game. I’m a more confident player now because of them and I’ll always remember the great times we had together. Wrath of the Machine will always remind me of them. Thank you so much for everything. I look forward to creating more memories in Destiny 2!


The first Destiny clan I was a part of formed organically one day a few weeks after the launch of the game. It was pretty surreal and definitely one of my favorite memories from any game I’ve ever played. I didn’t personally know anyone who played Destiny at the time so I used a couple friend finder apps to hook up with people for some of the end game content. I had added several random people to run Nightfall Strikes but hadn’t tried my hand at Vault of Glass yet. That day I was playing Patrol in the Cosmodrome with a random add named Fishfly whom I’d become somewhat friendly with. We were just farming chests for consumables and bullshitting to pass the time between Public Events…

Another random from my friends list, Assassination, kept messaging me over and over and spamming me invites to join his fireteam so they could try the raid. Fish and I didn’t feel like we were ready for VOG at that point and I was getting rather annoyed when Assassination jumped into my fireteam so he could bug us some more but with a mic this time. I kind of snapped at him and told him to stop spamming me. He apologized, and I could tell he really felt bad, which made me feel bad, so Fish and I reluctantly agreed to attempt the raid with him.


Thirty minutes later we had six guys together ready to take a shot at Atheon… for the first time. That’s right. There was only one guy in our party who had even attempted the raid before but not quite beat the boss. And HE had no mic. Just five Vault Virgins and a mute sherpa of dubious experience. It took us several tries to even get the the initial cave door open, and once we did, as you can probably guess, it didn’t get any easier. We inched our way through that gauntlet of Vex enemies stopping for several minutes before each encounter while our voiceless leader desperately attempted to mime instructions to us with limited emotes and whatever actions he could improvise in some twisted game of charades, occasionally breaking to send messages to one or more of us when his flailing was insufficient. We laughed, we cried, we screamed our frustrations, and bellowed our triumphs…. And eight grueling hours later we danced on the corpse of that time warping, metal bastard.

It was, hands down, the most satisfying gaming experience of my life. The six of us bonded over our shared experience and formed a clan that we called “Scrub Lords” (as few of us were particularly skilled at PvP, this particular insult got hurled at us a number of times, so we made it our own) and the rest is history. We added new people and continued to play together through most of the first year of Destiny 1 before we drifted apart. And as annoying as Assassination was that first time I met him… I will always love him for bringing us together.


My favourite memory from Destiny has to be finding the Raging Monkeys. Not only have you guys made me feel welcome but also my family too. Whenever I play the game with my son at the side of me the guys and girls have always made him feel welcome too, not least giving him the nickname Mini Flight. So thanks for the acceptance of a family man and his mini me.


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