Hey Guardians! I’ve got some important information and announcements for you today, so please pull up a chair and get comfortable.

Destiny 1 Memories Article

Due to my addiction to Destiny 2, this article has been rescheduled to Thursday, September 28th. If you have a Destiny-related memory that you’d like added to the article (no contest this time though, sorry!) then please PM it to me via Discord or PSN.

In-Game Clan Roster Pruning

Our in-game clan is full according to our profile page! I’m really proud of how much we’ve grown since the game has launched, keep it up! However, clans are capped at 100 members which means we’ll need to do some pruning if we’d like to be able to welcome new, active members into the fold. We’d also like to have access to Guided Games which you can’t use if your clan is full. As such, I will begin removing inactive clan members on Sunday, October 1, 2017.

How will I determine who is active or inactive? Unfortunately, Bungie doesn’t seem to offer a simple way to do this so I’ll be determining activity in two ways…

  1. iMonkey, RoyIsAlive, and I will be checking the clan roster regularly throughout the week to see who is online. We’ll also be counting people who have talked on the clan wall on Bungie.net recently.
  2. Or you can fill out this form to declare yourself as active: https://goo.gl/forms/wWYjafToMHY2aFiO2

Please remember: you’re always welcome to rejoin the clan if you’ve been removed in an inactivity purge so long as we have space available. You also aren’t required to join the in-game clan to play with us or to join our Discord community.

Updating the Clan Mission and Motto

The clan mission and motto now appear in-game for things like Guided Games and when someone inspects our clan. This is great as it means more potential friends! But it also means that the length of ours is a bit of a problem. In the near future, I’ll be trimming down and updating the clan mission to optimize how it looks in-game. I might update the clan motto as well.

Raiders Role and @Mentions

Are you a raiding junkie? Don’t mind being pinged at anytime, all the time? Then we’ve got the role for you! Introducing the Raiders role: a special role which can be tagged an unlimited number of times with no time limits or restrictions. Use it to organize your next foray into the depths of the Leviathan! You can opt-in to this role by using the t!rank Raiders command in #monkey_roles.

However, this also means we’ll be applying rules to the other @mentions in the channel. Those are as follows:

  • @here: Please use this sparingly and allow for at least 10 minutes between uses (even if you weren’t the last person to use it). If you’re trying to get the attention of specific people, then please @mention them specifically.
  • @Destiny: This should only be used by staff for announcements or with permission from a staff member.

Thank you for your cooperation with these changes! We hope you continue to enjoy our Destiny clan and channel. If you have any questions or concerns, then please don’t hesitate to reach out to myself or a Monkey Captain.

~ ShiinaBat


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