Can you believe it’s been 11 long years since the PlayStation 3 was brought into this world? What were we doing before the age of the PlayStation Network, wireless controllers, and GB storage? That’s right, we all had PlayStation 2s with multi-taps and 8MB memory cards. Here are a few games I sunk countless hours into in the days before the PS3.



You’re probably laughing right about now. A game that couldn’t even win the “World’s Okayest Game” award, sitting on a top 5 list? Well, it’s for real. You see, the PS2 days were a prime time for cheat codes (GASP!), and those for DRIV3R made the free roaming feature of the game all the more fun to waste time blowing stuff up in.


4. Madden NFL 07

Arguments over the term “football” aside, football is a big deal in my family, and as a kid I could have asked just about anyone in my family to sit down and play a game of Madden with me and they’d happily oblige. I played everything from simulating historical games to playing with made up or even the infamous European teams.


3. Conflict: Global Terror

While most people played Call of Duty as their military shooter of choice, I had this gem. Giving you control of 4 members of a spec-ops squad (or 2 if you had a couch companion), each with a specialized role, you carry out a string of seemingly unrelated missions across the world. Pretty dope if you ask me.


2. Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

Here’s where we start getting into the good stuff. Interesting story and some cheesy, yet funny voice acting made for one of my personal favorite platformers that I’ve spent many, many hours sitting in front of the TV playing. Mostly because of those damn Zoomer paths. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you missed out and owe it to yourself to head to the PS Store and download the remastered version that was just released.


1. Ratchet and Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Here it is, my PS2 holy grail. The game you can play over and over again (literally, because once you beat it, the game puts you into challenge mode where you can play the game again without losing all your gear). My personal favorite in the series, with some of the most fun weapons and dorky, yet lovable characters. Plus, who doesn’t love being able to hit a few buttons in sequence to change your wrench into a lightsaber?




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