Guardians of Raging Monkeys, hear me! As you know, Destiny 2 will be here in less than a month to mercilessly consume our lives. We need to use our remaining time wisely to ensure that we can reap the maximum amount of no-life enjoyment on September 6th. But what’s left to do?

Clan Migration


In Destiny 2, our clan will be receiving a big boost in functionality like in-game roster management tools, rewards based on clan activity, the Guided Games system, and more. But this fancy upgrade comes at a cost: we need to leave our old Destiny 1 group behind. Behind as in it will be deleted, which also means that any group-only members will find themselves out in the cold. If you don’t see “Raging Monkeys Gaming” under your name while in orbit then this will include you. To avoid this fate, you’ll need to rep the clan before August 23rd, 2017.

How Do I Rep the Clan?

It’s simple! All you need to do is head over to the group page on and press the “Set as Clan for PlayStation Account” button. You can find it on the banner at the top, just under our clan name and motto. Not already a member of the group but want in on this sweet deal? Just hit the “Request Join” button (located in the same area) and someone will accept you ASAP.


IMPORTANT: Please be aware that in Destiny 2 you may only join one clan per Bungie account. You are not required to join our in-game clan to play with us or to join our Discord server.

Remember, our group will kick the bucket on August 23rd, 2017! Don’t get left out; rep our clan today!

See you on the battlefield!
– Shiina


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