Our very own Social Media Monkey, Fox, runs her eyes over the newest version of Marvel’s web-slinging wall crawler.

Sony’s conference had to have been my favorite at E3 this year, they brought us the new exciting Detroit: Become Human, beautiful dlc for Horizon Zero Dawn, the Shadow Of The Colossus remake and so many more surprises.

The game that caught my eye though was Spider-Man PS4 edition, we all remember the good ol’ days of the original Spider-Man’s web slinging mayhem, but this new PS4 version seems clean and refined. The combat had flow, the web shooting actually worked for a change, we got to see some pretty cool acrobatics and a we get a modern new suit, I didn’t realize Spidey was so fashion forward.

Most of the game will be played in third person but for certain parts you’ll be forced into first person, which begs the question – how big is the map and how much of it can I explore?


Not long after E3 Insomniac games revealed that the title will not play at 1080p/60fps but instead will run at 30fps with 4k temporal injection or ‘pseudo 4k’ as the internet likes to call it, and after googling what 4k temporal injection does I’ve learned that it’s a sneaky form of checkerboard rendering but not much else is known.

Spider-Man PS4 edition comes out in 2018 for PS4 and PS4 pro.






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