Scuf Impact Review

A Scuf Impact is a PS4 controller made by Scuf Gaming that you can customize to fit your own needs and with your own colour scheme. There are not a lot of colour options, but there’s enough that most people will be able to find a colour they like. If there’s none you like, you can always go with the normal black or white versions and save yourself a couple $, €, £, …

It automatically comes with 4 back paddles. However if you want to remap them you will have to shell out some extra money. Other extra options you can get are hair triggers & trigger stop, a military grip for the back of your controller, concave thumbsticks or thumbstick of variable length, a d-pad control disc, the option to remove the rumbles and custom colour options for every part of your controller.


My Scuf came with the following parts:

  • Red reaper colour for the front, red grip
  • Trigger extenders, hair trigger option & trigger stop
  • Electromagnetic remapping
  • Concave thumbsticks
  • Braided cord

Controller, Colour and Grip

The controller arrived in a very, very fancy box, which makes it easy to store your controller in. It is a size larger than a normal PS4 controller so it does feel a little weird if you have been familiar with a regular PS4 controller. The colour I chose was Red Reaper and to accompany it I chose the red military grip for the back. The colours look even better than advertised on the website and the combination I chose fits each other very, very well. I really can’t fault them on either of the two colours.


The trigger extenders came delivered in their own little bag, so I still had to put them on myself. I found this rather strange since I ordered them along with the controller and had thought they would have been already added. It took me a bit to do so and I had a small nervous breakdown getting the normal triggers off because I had to use quite a bit more force than I would have liked to. I had not expected to get the standard triggers though, so that actually was a nice surprise. As for the extended triggers, they work really well and makes me feel like the controller is super sensitive to any input on them, something which has already saved my life more than once. One downside to the extended triggers is that they feel really brittle but I am sure that won’t be a problem because I am very gentle on my controllers.

I have yet to test the hair triggers & trigger stop options as the new controller does take some time to get used to because as I mentioned before it is a size larger than a usual PS4 controller and my hand positioning is a little different.


Backpaddles & Remapping

Before I had access to back paddles my pink and ring finger idled at the back of my controller, doing nothing at all to aid my righteous cause of conquering games and I always thought that it would be neat if any controller would have some buttons at the back for your pink and ring finger. The back paddles somewhat solve that issue. I say somewhat because I’m not a 100% comfortable yet with the position they are in at the moment and I do think they could have positioned them a slight bit better. Still, having access to buttons on your back makes my movements a lot quicker as I can now switch hotbars faster, sprint, jump, roll, … at the same time as another action. Especially jump and sprint are handy because it allows you to do things a lot quicker. Using a claw grip could get you the same result, but to me that is definitely not a comfortable position for my hand to be in, so I’m happy the Scuf Impact is at least comfortable to use.

The remapping option allows you to change what buttons your backpaddles map to. I dislike having to press L3 and R3 while I’m moving the thumbsticks and the backpaddles serve as the perfect resolution for this problem. With how easy and how quick you can remap, it is very convenient to remap the buttons that are mapped to the backpaddles for another game. For example, for Destiny my backpaddles are mapped to jump (X), run (L3), switch weapon (triangle) and crouch (O), while for Final Fantasy XIV they are mapped to draw/sheathe weapon (L3), switch hotbar (R1), right side of the crossbar (R2), left side of the crossbar (L2). Both of these button maps increase the joy of playing since every button combo that is normally awkward for me, is now something really easy for me to do.

Concave Thumbsticks

Before my PS4, I owned a XBOX controller for some games on my PC, I also had a ps controller for it, but I quickly settled on my XBOX controller because I liked using the XBOX conclave thumbsticks more than the normal PS4 thumbsticks. When I noticed Scuf had conclave buttons available for their PS4 controller my choice was quickly made, I just had to get them… and boy do I NOT regret getting them. They are so much more comfortable to use to me and it allows me to have increased control over the thumbsticks. No, it is not a feeling, it definitely is like that. I definitely recommend these over the normal PS4 thumbsticks!

Braided Cord

This item came as a surprise to me because I had not ordered it. Turns out that they added it because they shipped it later than they originally promised. I am very glad that I got it because braided cords are very fancy things.


The only downside I can think of at the moment are the brittle trigger extenders, the fact that the electromagnetic remapping costs a lot even though it’s very handy, the feeling that the backpaddles could have been placed a little better and it did take a very long time before the controller reached me.

Apart from that, this controller has been worth every penny.  It has increased my joy and flexibility in playing and has solved a few key combination issues that I had been having for as far as I owned my PS4.


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