The PS store is having a bit of a sale at the moment, with tons of games discounted to under 20 Euro until June 6th. I thought I’d take my pick of 20 games that are well worth shelling out on.

First up is Borderlands: The Handsome Collection, which is on sale until June 1st at 12.99, which is an unbelievable price for that amount of Vault Hunting.

You can grab Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor, play it before it’s sequel hits and fall in love with it’s amazing Nemesis System (It’s also super easy to Plat, for all you Trophy Hunters).

Fallout 4 is here and it’s a massive game for this price. You should play it if you haven’t before, but If you haven’t played any of Bethesda’s post-apocalyptic masterpieces, start with 3 instead.

I don’t know about you, but I often wonder just how much destruction I can cause with 20 Euros and, apart from spending it on acid and freaking out at your own kid’s nativity, I reckon Just Cause 3 is scientifically proven to give you the most bang for your buck.


Remember just how good Resi 4 is? Fancy playing an insanely hard, disgusting and actually pretty disturbing tale from the genius behind it? The Evil Within is a bit of a curate’s egg, in that the story is great, it looks beautiful and it plays like it should, but there’s something missing from it that I’ve never quite figured out.

Everyone I know agrees that Ubisoft suck all the balls, but everyone I know agrees that the sailing and general piratical nonsense in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag is really fun. Try not to love the shanties!


If you haven’t played the Darksiders games, then Darksiders 2: The Deathinitive Edition will suprise you with it’s great design, fun gameplay and boss fights that are more than your standard bullet-sponges.

You can also get both Batman: Arkham Knight and it’s Definitive Edition in the sale if you too will be able to say ‘Yeah, it’s cool. Wish there’d been less Batmobile’.

EA Sports have a couple in the sale that I’ll mention, although if you’re a football fan and you don’t have the ubiquitous FiFA 17, then that’s kind off odd, bro. So as well as FiFA we have Madden NFL 17, UFC 2, NHL 17 and Rory McIlroy PGA Tour, which is currently destroying friendships amongst my buddies quicker than that barmaid from The Barley Mow, back in the day.

The funniest game I played last year was easily LEGO Marvel Super Heroes. It’s everything you expect from LEGO game but with added Stilt Man. What’s not to love?

Anyone like D&D? RPGs? Then, holy S@#*snacks, have I got a game for you. Sword Coast Legends is almost too ambitious to even appear on console. These treats are usually kept for our PC using brethren, but you get to try this. I’m probably going to have to fully review this at some point, simply because I’m so blown away by what they’re trying to do.


Deponia is a wonderful point and click adventure game in the same vein as Broken Sword or any of the Lucasarts classics. You play Rufus in an incredibly funny (sometimes) adventure that sees him trying to escape his village on a Junkworld. Great game, but sometimes the jokes are so crappy and so ever present that you want to punch through your own head.

Dragon Age: Inquisition GOTY edition is also available and remains a superb and inventive RPG.

Rayman Legends is, without a doubt, one of, if not the best 2D platformer of this generation and it’s local Co-OP. Go have fun with your mates in a really, really fun game.

Not many people know this about me, but I adore seeing testicles being shot in slow-mo, x-ray vision, so I couldn’t have been happier with Sniper Elite 3, Rebellion Developments superb junk destroyment simulator. What’s that? You can shoot them other places too? Wtf?

Lastly I would like to point out that Telltale have some of their greatest hits on sale, so instead of picking between them, just look for Telltale if you want an episodic adventure game where decisions actually matter and story is king.

Hope this little list has encouraged you to hit the PS Store’s special offer button today, there’s some great games available at less price than you’re going to spend on a decent pizza. Happy days, folks!



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