When this game was revealed to be a throwback to the original Digimon World, I along with many old Digimon World fans grew excited and were sure that this game would be a good hit and couldn’t wait for it to be released.

On release I quickly picked up the game and immersed myself into it. The feel and even the graphics, which honestly aren’t that amazing for the current day and age, reminded me very much of the old game. The nostalgic characters from the first game and the nearly destroyed Floatia only helped with the familiar feeling. After about half an hour to an hour of the game showing me the ropes, I had trained my Digimon to, an in my eyes, acceptable level. At this point the game already had me hooked because of the nostalgia factor, along with what I had experienced up to now and was a solid ten out of ten for me, personally.


Afterwards I excitedly set out to the conquer the digital world. I discovered that what I had deemed to be an acceptable level for my Digimon wasn’t really that acceptable to the point where I even struggled to beat more than two Digimon before I had to go and restore my health.

This was the start of the long arduous grind that Digimon World: Next Order turned out to be. While the battle system is interesting and all the new aspects like the improved tamer level and raising two Digimon instead of one are very interesting and nice additions to the game, Next Order is a very time intensive game compared to the original one. The fact that you now have two Digimon to care for, that may be at different strength levels at any and all time, make this game very very hard on the casual gamer.


I seriously had to look up guides on how to grind effectively in this game so I could actually gain the strength needed to progress. To me that is something that is not acceptable in any way, shape or form. However after I figured out how to grind effectively the game became noticeable more interesting, until one of my Digimon died and I had to grind all over again. At one point in the game everything I was doing was grind my Digimon to a certain level, set out for a day or two and find out my other Digimon died so I had to level him up again before I could continue doing things in the game.  

As someone who has played the original Digimon World, that aspect of the game wasn’t enjoyable. To me the game requires a little too much grinding. You simply don’t seem to have enough time to explore. On top of that the game seems to have a high “skill bar”. There are simply a lot of things you do not or will not figure out unless you have a guide at the ready. Something I do not find to be ideal in any game.

Another thing that I had a little bit of an issue with was the battle sounds, there’s not enough variety in the sounds which makes you get rather tired of hearing the same thing over and over and over again.

However if you like grinding and like doing research on a game, you will most certainly enjoy Digimon World: Next Order, the game is far from bad. It is just at the end of the day, my experience with the original Digimon World makes me a little unhappy with how the new game turned out to be.
If you would ask me to rate the game, I would rate the game a 6/10. While they did nail the nostalgia factor and a lot of the new systems they implemented are very cool, the grinding part of the game along with having to look up so many things do not make me enjoy the game as much as I would have liked to. The game definitely feels like it had potential to be special but unfortunately in my eyes it did not turn out to be special.  



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