Tomorrow brings the last update that Destiny will ever get. They are ushering in the Age of Triumph, a celebration of all our Guardians have achieved. Bungie are finally making all of the raids relevant,  level wise, but more than that, they are making them desirable. Bungie are, finally,  giving us what we’ve always wanted, and I cannot wait.

With the ongoing leaks about Destiny 2 and the fact that, basically, only Bungie’s live team are still working on Destiny, I found myself being nostalgic about the game I’ve spent the most hours on and I thought I’d share what I thought makes the game great and also ask some of our Monkeys why on Earth they’re still piling hours into a three year old console game.


I started playing in Beta and quickly knew I loved this game, which came as a massive surprise to me because up until my Ghost woke me up in the World’s most Russian scrapyard, I freaking hated FPSes. I hated them because I was shit at them, I hated them because I felt no affinity towards them, I hated them because there was no progression. I hated them because they were what gaming jocks did because they didn’t have the concentration to beat Kingdom Hearts, FFXII or Syndicate. I hated them because I was a snob and thought that FPSes couldn’t fix the need I had to know every corner of a game and rinse that game until all of its rewards were mine and it lay there, bruised, beaten and barren before my gaming prowess. Then Destiny happened.


This game made me love (and be somewhat less terrible at than President Trump is at getting his laws passed) FPSes. It has, to my mind, the best handling gunplay of any game and amazingly cool special abilities. Most of all though, it has The Grind and I always loved The Grind.

It hasn’t been without it’s problems over the course of it’s lifetime, but that’s to be expected when a game has the ambition and audacity that Destiny has shown. Bungie created something wholly new, the FPS RPG, and learned, as it was happening in real time, along with its players what that would mean. Destiny is a story that is fascinating, full of backstory and mysteries for you to find that it, almost completely, not actually accessible in the game. Instead you have to collect grimoire cards throughout the game and go to Bungie’s own website to actually read the story, out of order and mainly alluding to the actual storyline. This is obviously a decision borne out of the upheaval within Bungie’s actual staff in the year leading up to Destiny’s release. Even running the game Bungie have sometimes never seemed to know what to do with the players within their game. They didn’t know how to balance weapons between PVP and PVE (and, arguably, still don’t), they didn’t know were the drop rate sweet spot was and they didn’t know how quickly the hardcore would burn through content, they didn’t know that the fanbase would stay this loyal or that they would want to engage with them as much as they do. They grew along with the game and along with the players. Hell, they even took Cosmo from his own subreddit and made him Community Manager. They’ve dealt with triumph and disaster and they treat those fools the same.


I’ve played this game since firing Pocket Infinity was to open a barn door into actual Hell, I played when Shadow Price was the shit. I saw Rockets McDickface take twenty minutes of solid pounding to die, I was forever 29, I cheesed Atheon and Crota. I joined LFGs where I had to show HM completion emblems just to be kicked so they could bring in their mates in at the boss, Rahool has turned countless of my hard fought purples into blues, I ran KFHM 23 times in one week so that people could get the Golgy challenge and I was there the day Omnigul became The Old Witch of Crota. I love this game, and I’m lucky enough to be part of a community that loves it as much as I do, so I thought I’d ask a couple of our clan, TeqJap, Zaran, Ghostparty and, fresh from a hard weekend of getting another load of Guardians their Flawless Raider trophy, our Game Captain for Destiny, StriderRider09er about it.


BB: How long have you guys been playing Destiny?

TeqJap: Since Beta, bud!

Zaran: Since The Taken King

Ghostparty: Beta

Strider: Alright. So I’ve been a destiny player since day one! And I think I only truly left it for 2 games ever since, those being Overwatch and Uncharted 4! So last I checked on my stats (which was last year) I had about 1300 hours on destiny +/- (I know it’s disgusting,  I need a life)!

BB: What was your favourite time in Destiny over the last three years?

TeqJap: The first month of Vault of Glass was mental, man. Trying to get all that lot and just doin race with your friends to get a Fatebringer or Mythoclast was just really good times.

Zaran: My favourite time is Rise of Iron. I really liked the addition of the Splicers and the WotM raid is, in my opinion, the most enjoyable experience of the four. It was the first raid I did blind. I also really like getting a little fireteam from the clan together and hitting up some pvp together, winning one round, losing the next and bonding as we go.

Ghostparty: House of Wolves had the best day to day and rewards, I thought, and that was the last time guns in pvp were in a great place. Since then it just seems to have been nerf after nerf.

Strider: VoG man! That was a raid, hell is still the raid.  If VoG was a person it would be that guy who came to pick you up every Tuesday night with a bunch of other guys so you get smashed and wake up the next morning looking terrible and swearing never to do that to yourself again and how much you hate VoG…….. Till next week when he texts telling you about his plans for the night and how cool it’s going to be

BB: And do any of you have any favourite gear or weapons? Is there anything you’re still looking for?  

Teqjap: Year one Hawkmoon was the one. That gun kept me playing the game for a long, long time. I’m not really after anything at the moment but I am looking forward to the new raid ornament gear as that shit looks sweeeeeeet!

Zaran: My favourite gun would be Red Death. Both the look and the feel of it are just right for me and no other gun feels as good to use. I’m not really lookin for anything more as Destiny is just a good place to have fun with a bunch of great Raging Monkeys

Ghostparty: Telesto is the besto, it molesto’s all the resto. As for what I’m still looking for? I’ve given up on the Lighthouse, so I have to say that I can’t wait for the new Vex Mythoclast not to drop for me.

Strider: Suros Regime is my baby!

So, as Destiny takes the stage for its final call, I would like to congratulate and thank Bungie for creating something unique, something that grew and for, finally, making me love FPSes.



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