Bungie today held a live stream to show off the Sandbox changes that will be implemented in their next Destiny update, The Age of Triumph. They’ve had two previous reveal streams for AoT, which drops at reset next Tuesday, but this is the one the fans were waiting for because this is the one with the goodies. New gear, old favourites returning and some of the sexiest outfits ever made by Bungie to clad your magic-wielding space zombies in. So,while my spire is still forming, lets take a look at what they have to offer.

They started off with a little fashion show on The Dreadnaught and the new gear and ornaments look very nice indeed. Gear wise, they have given us:


New VoG armour and ornaments, with more Vex flavour than before. Basically if you want to have legs like Ultron, Bungie has you covered.


New Crota’s end gear and ornaments, which look unbelievable and actually takes damage and repairs itself!  Crota gear was always this Guardian’s favourite and this new set is so pretty that until I have a full set, I’m going to be a shell of a man.


King’s Fall gear was also shown and also has that delicious damage mechanic that the Crota gear does.


New WotM gear and ornaments too, which are, for me at least, better looking than the last set and, this time, the ornaments flicker which looks as dope as hell.

All 390 raids will drop gear at 400 Light.  

Completing each challenge will give an armour ornament and all armour ornaments from AoT are interchangeable, which will save a lot of bother and keep the salt mines relatively clear.

Now for the guns:

Fatebringer is back, folks and it’s elemental, Black hammer isn’t coming back but Mythoclast is.

There are now two versions of raid weapons, normal and adept, just like the trials weapons. The adept weapons look different than normal, too. They also told us that KF and WotM will have elemental weapons (Void Chaos Dogma, plz)

The adept version of Fatebringer is an exotic as is the adept Vision of Confluence.

Nechrochasm has been uodated and will now blow up ANY enemy as if they were a cursed thrall which will be super cool.

An Ir Yut Light Machine was shown and looks great.

There were also some new weapon ornaments on show for NLB, Suros Regime (Year 1 colours but reversed.), Touch of Malice and Dragon’s Breath.

Handcannons get a 3m range nerf, but apparently ARs are getting a big old buff so that they don’t feel like hot garbage anymore. Sidearms are keeping ammo on spawn, for all the Wormwood Warriors out there.

The Skorri’s artifact will now only proc on a kill and will only stay active for one minute. You see, Trials players, this is why we can’t have nice things.

And that is about it. So which goodies are you looking to get next week? I think I’ll be spending a lot of time with Crota, myself.

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